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Features of Text Coupons

No repeat hits – Once someone has texted in to receive a coupon and they try again, they get a customized "no repeat hits" message that can be created.

Capture email – Many businesses like to ask the customer to reply with their email address prior to delivering the coupon. The platform makes this easy and the emails can quickly be exported to the email service provider of your choice.

Blasted or Opted in – Either form of text coupons can be created inside the application within seconds and deployed.

Let us help you with a Mobile Coupon Marketing Campaign!

Businesses everywhere are looking for more economically and environmentally friendly ways of delivering their coupons. If those coupons also happen to have a 97% open and read rate, and redemption rates that approach 17% in some circumstances, that just makes them that much better!

As 92% of the population in North America have a cell-phone that is capable of receiving text messages and over 84% are regular texters, mobile coupons have the highest reach if they remain inside the SMS/Text itself.

SMS is the best way to get new customers and build a mobile marketing database!
Create an SMS Marketing key code on one of a number of short codes assigned to you or your client, program the response you want it to send back, and your keyword is live. Create key​word campaigns for SMS text coupons, virtual business cards, to help capture email, deliver pictures back in response, send 2 messages at once, or even capture comments in one of a couple different ways.