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Digital Display Advertising

Strategic Community Partners

​​​Screen Shot Media is the newest and most exciting and effective way to capture your audience's attention using dynamic high definition ads on digital displays. On our digital caddy displays you can advertise anything from products & services to promotions, events & specials. Advertisers who have used Screen Shot Media's digital strategy advertising have found that the investment cost is well worth the positive feedback and results they receive. The digital  display advertising is eye catching, in your face and well received by patrons.​​

We know your that your companies image is important and because of that our caddies are HD, professional and will display your image in the best light possible. When you advertise with Screen Shot Media you will receive the following:

                             ​                    Benefits of Advertising With US

                  - Increased advertising return on investment (ROI)                        -​ 10x the eye contact of traditional static signage

​                  - Save up to 80% over standard media                                           - Dynamic high impact message

                  - Change or update your ad at anytime                                           - Environmentally friendly- saves trees

Best Technology innovation

engage your customers live 

"On Premise" point of sale advertising can be delivered via "narrowcasting" as opposed to "broadcasting". The message is delivered specifically to the patron at the point of sale. The bar and tabletop caddies allow you to highlight your brand name or specific product in a dynamic campaign that is always current.

Screen Shot Media improves everyday processes;

  • ​Instant rollout of special promotions/items
  • React rapidly to changes with special promotions at a local/regional/national level all from 1 computer
  • Labor Savings
  • Training

Screen shot MEDIA

live digital media advertising

​​Seeing Is Believing

You have not seen anything  until you see these caddies in action on location and performing their duties. The network that we are building is an always on advocate for your business while the locations are open.

Advertise in one location or all of our locations and spread the word about what you have to offer.​​